How to Decorate a Lemon Tart

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Lemon tarts are tangy and full of citrus flavor.

They can be alluringly decorated to impress your family and friends using dusted powdered sugar, pastry art, white chocolate, or fresh fruit.

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how to decorate a lemon tart

We recommend using complimenting flavors to lemon so it will bring out a mesmerizing flavor for your lemon tarts.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to decorate lemon tarts!

How to Decorate a Lemon Tart

Pastry Art

Pastry art is easy to do with some leftover pastry dough from making your lemon tarts.

  1. Roll out your leftover tart crust. The thickness of your pastry art dough should be ~1/4”
  2. Using cookie cutters, carefully cookie cut the tart dough into shapes you want to top your tart with.
  3. Bake the pastry art when you’re cooking your lemon tart. Usually cooking them for 5-8 min until they just begin turning color on the edges. Do not overbrown them or they will be overcooked.
  4. Once your tart has finished cooking and cooling, arrange the pastry art on your lemon tart.

Candied lemon slices

Slices of lemon are cooked in a sugar syrup to create an outer candy layer.

The lemon slices need to cool and drain dry before placing them onto your lemon tarts.

Since the lemon slices are candied with a sugar coating, they are delicious for garnishing your lemon tarts with.

Dusted powdered sugar

Powdered sugar (icing sugar) is a light, sweet sugar that you can dust onto your lemon tarts.

Powdered sugar clumps together when it sits for awhile.

Therefore, you need to use a sifter to remove the clumps, and gently “dust” the lemon tarts with a bit of icing sugar.

how to decorate lemon tarts

White chocolate scrolls

Use a potato peeler and grate the chocolate away from you to create white chocolate scrolls.

How to Decorate a Lemon Tart

Melted White Chocolate

Melt white chocolate, then place the chocolate in a piping bag fitted with a narrow round tip. The chocolate comes out fast so you have to work quickly.

Pipe your chocolate in lines, or intersecting lines to give the tart a beautiful decoration.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit can be used to decorate lemon tarts with a bit of arrangement.

Place blackberries or raspberries face up with the flat side down so they don’t fall over or move around.

You can also drizzle a little melted white chocolate on the top of the fresh fruit for a creamy finish to your lemon tarts.

  • blackberries
  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • kiwi slices
  • sliced strawberries
How to Decorate a Lemon Tart

Mint Leaves

You can arrange a few mint leaves on the tops of your lemon tarts for beautiful green color against your yellow tarts.

Mint is a powerful flavor, and it will tone down the lemon flavor in the tarts.

Icing Roses

Using the star tip, you can pipe buttercream icing roses on the tops of your lemon tarts.

If you’re making mini lemon tarts, pipe 1 large rose on the top of it.

If you’re making a large lemon tart, you can pipe roses along the edge along with a few green leaves.

Icing decorations on the top of the lemon tart will make it look artistic and eye catching.