Mini Dessert Table Ideas

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Dessert tables are made to be captivating to your guests.

You’ll want to have different styles of plates, bowls, and even a couple written words on your dessert table.

  • “sweet treats”
  • “love is sweet”
  • “gimme some sugar”

To set up your dessert table, put a nice table cloth down.

Arrange your desserts on different levels, and different styles of plates, bowls, etc. for your dessert table.

Cake stands work well for displaying mini desserts. They look intricate and make the dessert table look professional.

You can even put a cardboard box underneath the table cloth to make varying heights for your dessert table.

Mini Cupcakes

Mini cupcakes are a delicious mini version of a cupcake that gives people 1 bite of cake with icing.

Since mini cupcakes are bite sized, there’s no mess with them! They work exceptionally well for a mini dessert table.

You can make a couple of different kinds of mini cupcakes for a dessert table – a lighter flavor like vanilla, and a heavier flavor like red velvet work well together.

Mini Dessert Table Ideas

Mini Mille Feuille

Mille feuille is a dessert that is made up of 3 layers of puff pastry. In between the puff pastry layers is piped vanilla custard. The vanilla custard is made with actual vanilla beans so you can see the tiny vanilla beans in the custard.

Mille feuille has a layer of royal icing on the top of it, with a couple of decorative lines of dark chocolate.

The dark chocolate is made a bit more fancy by using slits with a knife, giving mille feuille its signature look.

Mini Dessert Table Ideas

Mini Lemon Tarts

Mini lemon tarts are made by creating pie crust, and then baking the pie crust into tart shells.

The tart shells are filled with lemon cream. Lemon cream is has a buttery, citrusy flavor.

On top of the lemon cream, add a couple of fresh raspberries.

Drizzle a little white chocolate ganache and they’re ready to be served!

Mini Dessert Table food Ideas

Mini Raspberry Mousse

Raspberry mousse is a light, fruity, decadent dessert.

Raspberry mousse can be piped into small containers for a mini dessert.

You can decorate your mini mousse by adding white chocolate scrolls, or a couple of fresh raspberries for a beautiful finish to the dessert.

Mini Dessert Ideas

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are simple, yet the fruit and chocolate combination makes them irresistible!

You can decorate chocolate covered strawberries using a contrasting color of chocolate (white or dark chocolate depending on what kind of chocolate you dipped your strawberries in).

You can drizzle chocolate in lines, or add chocolate scrolls on top.

You can even add sprinkles or a bit of gold dust for more of a fancy mini dessert.

Mini Dessert food Ideas

Mini loaves

You can make a full sized loaf, and cut them into smaller pieces so people can take a small pieces of loaf as a dessert.

You can cut them so they can fit into a cupcake liner, or arrange them lying spaced out.

Mini loaves offer people a little sweet dessert that isn’t too sweet. It’s a good option to have for people that don’t exactly want a cupcake, it offers them a variety to choose from.


Macarons are chewy and melt in your mouth.

They are small cookies filled with buttercream, jam, and other creamy fillings.

Macarons can be filled with fruit flavors, dessert flavors, tea and coffee flavors, just about anything you can dream of.

Macarons are more of a delicate, intricate cookie.

They can be decorated and shaped into characters, or painted to add bit of color and design to them.

Macarons can be made into a macaron tower using a couple of simple craft supplies for a mouthwatering cookie tree!

How to Serve Macarons

Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountains look mesmerizing on a dessert table. Chocolate fountains are easy to set up and get going.

To prepare the foods to be dipped into the chocolate fountain is another story…

Everything needs to be cut up into bite sized pieces, including fruit, rice krispies, angel food cake, etc.

You can dip several different types of food in a chocolate fountain, so not everything needs to be prepared. Keep this in mind when selecting your foods.

You’ll want to have plates, toothpicks, and napkins readily available for your chocolate fountain.

It’s definitely worth it to have a chocolate fountain on a dessert table given it’s very popular!!

fruits to dip in chocolate fountain

Mini Cheesecakes

Mini cheesecakes are a bit bigger than bite sized.

Mini cheesecakes are made with cupcake liners.

Mini cheesecakes are creamy and rich. You don’t need much to be satisfied.

Many people might even share their mini cheesecake if they take more than 1 dessert from the dessert table.

There are a variety of flavors you can make that would work well for a dessert table including:

mini dessert ideas