Aluminum Baking Sheets Pros Cons and Safety

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Even heat distributionHand wash only
Conducts heat wellReacts with acidic foods - (not usable for tomatoes, rhubarb)
Resists warpingReplace when damaged - risk of aluminum being absorbed into food
Withstands temperatures up to 580 degrees FUse a Silicone mat to ensure safe use of aluminum pan

Are aluminum baking pans safe to use?

Aluminum baking pans are safe to use. When you use an aluminum baking pan, you could consume up to 1-2 mg of aluminum. This is a safe amount to consume. The WHO estimates 50 mg/day is acceptable for adults.

If aluminum pans become damaged with scratches or pits, this can cause more aluminum to leach out into your food. The longer your food comes in contact with the aluminum surface, the more aluminum will be absorbed into the food.

You can always use a silicone baking mat as a barrier between your baking pan and your food that you are cooking.

Avoid baking acidic foods on aluminum baking pans. Acidic foods like tomatoes and rhubarb can have a reaction to aluminum and cause the pan to break down, leaching more aluminum into your food.

What is the best material for baking sheets?

Aluminum is the best material for baking sheets.


Aluminum is the best metal at conducting heat over other baking sheets like stainless steel. They resist warping, and are extremely sturdy and durable. Aluminum baking pans conduct heat evenly throughout the pan. Aluminum is a light colored baking sheet; it doesn’t absorb heat like other metals, such as stainless steel. With a lighter colored pan, you can bake your food for a shorter amount of time than if you used a stainless steel pan. Aluminum baking sheets are used in high grade commercial bakeries around the globe.

How do you clean aluminum baking sheets?

To clean your aluminum baking sheets, soak them with soap and water and wash with a cloth until clean. Allow the pan to air dry completely before storage. Do not wash aluminum baking sheets in the dishwasher as this can cause them to oxidize and break down.

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