What are Macarons Filled with

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Macarons can be filled with your favorite fillings, including buttercream frosting, cream cheese icing, chocolate ganache, jam, lemon curd, or salted caramel sauce.


Buttercream is made with a base of butter, powdered sugar, and a liquid to thin it out (milk, espresso, lemon juice, jam).

You can flavor buttercream with just about anything including:

  • lemon zest/lemon juice
  • lime zest/lime juice
  • freshly brewed espresso
  • tea leaves
  • cocoa powder
  • crushed cookies (cookies and cream)
  • jam
  • extracts
  • spices

Jam works well to flavor buttercream frosting because of its concentrated flavor.

You only need a couple of tablespoons to flavor a large batch of buttercream frosting.

Jam actually works better to add more flavor to the buttercream than using the juice of berries.

What are Macarons Filled with

Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate ganache is a rich, creamy filling for macarons.

To use chocolate ganache for macarons, the recipe needs to have a higher ratio of chocolate to whipped cream.

Chocolate ganache can be made to be thick or thin depending on what you’re using it for.

For macarons, we don’t want the chocolate ganache running over the edge of the cookie, therefore we want the ganache to be thick.

You can flavor chocolate ganache with extracts, alcohol, or spices to give it a little extra flavor. You don’t need much, 1/4 tsp for extracts and spices and 1/2 – 1 tsp of alcohol.

Taste test your chocolate ganache to make sure you like the flavor prior to filling your macarons.

What are Macarons Filled with


Jam has a thick, consistency, but it can be a bit messy in macarons.

It’s best if you use buttercream frosting and jam together as a macaron filling.

Buttercream frosting can be piped in a ring on the outside of the macaron shell, and then jam is placed securely in the center.

The jam is held in the center of the macaron from the thick buttercream frosting, therefore the jam doesn’t leak out of the macaron.

Learn how to pipe 2 macaron fillings.

Jam has a burst of flavor to it, therefore it pairs well with buttercream frosting or a cream cheese icing.

What jam can you use as a macaron filling

  • raspberry jam
  • strawberry jam
  • blackberry jam
  • blueberry jam

Lemon Curd

Lemon curd has a rich, citrusy burst of flavor. Lemon curd has a rich flavor from the eggs and butter base of the curd.

Fresh lemon juice and zest are added to create the delicious tart lemon flavor.

Lemon curd is thick enough to pipe onto macaron shells once it has chilled, but you could also use it in combination with buttercream if desired.

Salted Caramel

Salted caramel sauce has a memorable sweet and salty brown sugar flavor to it.

Salted caramel is a bit runny, but you can pipe a small amount of it in the center of macarons for an incredible burst of caramel flavor in your macarons.

You can also pair salted caramel with buttercream frosting for 2 fillings in macarons.

You can make chocolate buttercream, and put salted caramel as the center filling for macarons.

What are Macarons Filled with