Best Cake Flavors for your Wedding Cake

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When deciding on your wedding cake, you’ll need to select the cake flavor, the filling, and the frosting.

Not only that, you will need to think about how you want your wedding cake to be decorated.

What are the Best Cake Flavors for a Wedding Cake

Vanilla Buttercream Wedding Cake

Vanilla buttercream wedding cake is the most classic and traditional wedding cake flavor you can choose. Since vanilla is a neutral flavor, most people that attend your wedding will enjoy it.

Sometimes picking a wedding cake that has chocolate cake, will not go over well with everyone. It’s best to select a cake that most of your guests will enjoy, without being too shocking of a flavor.

Vanilla buttercream cake is made with a buttermilk vanilla cake base.

In between the layers are vanilla buttercream icing.

Alternatively, you could ice the cake with vanilla buttercream, and in between the layers you could make vanilla custard.

Adding Vanilla Beans and Custard to your Wedding Cake

Sometimes vanilla buttercream cake is made with real vanilla beans. If you choose to go with a vanilla bean buttercream cake, this can be a bit more expensive, but it’s worth it.

The vanilla bean is opened, and the vanilla beans are extracted from the pod. The pod infuses its vanilla flavor into vanilla custard. The remaining tiny vanilla beans will fill the custard with luscious vanilla flavor.

The outside of the cake will be covered in vanilla bean buttercream icing. The vanilla beans extracted are added to vanilla buttercream icing, adding a ton of vanilla flavor. Vanilla bean buttercream icing is much more flavorful than just regular vanilla buttercream icing.

Usually, vanilla buttercream cake is flavored only with vanilla extract, which can be just a hint of vanilla. Adding vanilla beans will be sure to overwhelm your taste buds and will be a huge hit at your wedding.

Vanilla bean custard adds a ton of flavor to your wedding cake. Vanilla custard is a sweet and rich addition to your wedding cake.

Vanilla custard is made by tempering eggs. Tempering eggs is fairly time consuming and laboring for a baker. Vanilla custard is warmed until it has thickened enough, and then it needs time to chill in the refrigerator until it’s ready to use.

I would highly recommend adding vanilla custard to your wedding cake. It will take your wedding cake from tasty to mouthwatering.

What are the Best Cake Flavors for a Wedding Cake
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Lemon Custard Wedding Cake

Lemon custard wedding cake is a light, and tangy cake for your wedding.

Lemon custard wedding cake is made by adding fresh lemon juice and lemon zest to a vanilla cake base. Lemon cake will have strands of lemon zest throughout the cake base, making it quite eye catching when it is served.

In between the layers of lemon cake is lemon custard.

Lemon custard has a bit of a tart and sharp taste to it, since it has lemon juice added to it for the flavoring.

Lemon custard wedding cake can be frosted with either a lemon cream cheese frosting, or a lemon buttercream icing. 

Lemon cream cheese frosting will be a bit more creamy and full than lemon buttercream icing.

Lemon custard wedding cake has a strong pungent flavor. I would recommend adding lemon cream cheese frosting, as this will make the cake have complimenting flavors, and won’t be too overwhelming with lemon flavor for your wedding cake.

Champagne Cake with Strawberry Buttercream

Champagne cake one of the newest trends in wedding cakes. Champagne has hints of lemon, peach, almond, or white cherry notes depending on the bottle of champagne.

By adding these hints of flavor to a wedding cake, it gives just a touch of citrus and toasted almond flavors that come together well for a light and flavorful wedding cake.

Champagne cake is made by adding champagne to a vanilla cake base.

Adding Strawberry flavoring to champagne wedding cake

For a little more succulent flavor, strawberry extract, and chopped strawberries are added to the champagne vanilla cake base.

Strawberries are a little bit sweet and acidic, making them a burst of flavor inside a wedding cake.

For the champagne cake layers, they have an added thin layer of champagne infused syrup. The cake has small holes poked in it to have the champagne syrup seep into the cake, making it a little sweeter with more champagne flavor.

Champagne strawberry wedding cake is filled with layers of cream cheese icing, made with whipped cream, strawberry extract and strawberry purée.

Champagne strawberry wedding cake is covered top to bottom in champagne buttercream frosting, with added strawberry extract and strawberry purée.

Champagne cake with strawberry buttercream is one of the most memorable cakes you can choose for your wedding. It has a light pink color to the frosting from the strawberries. When the cake is cut, it has the chopped strawberries popping with color throughout the layered pink cake.

Choosing a champagne cake for your wedding will thoroughly impress your guests by its unique special flavor. Most people will never have tried a champagne cake before, so it will be an remarkable choice for a wedding cake.

How are wedding cakes decorated

You can choose to have your wedding cake decorated with

  • detailed icing
  • painted icing
  • a cake topper
  • fresh flowers
  • sprigs of greenery

If you’re going with a more modern wedding, you can opt for detailed or painted icing on the sides of your wedding cake as added decoration.

For a rustic wedding you could choose to go with the fresh flowers or sprigs of greenery for your wedding cake decorations.

Best Cake Flavors for your Wedding Cake
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