2 pm Wedding Reception Food Ideas

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If you’re having your wedding reception in the middle of lunch and dinner, you can serve enticing food for your guests that they’ll love!

If your guests are going to be attending a 2 pm wedding reception, some of them might be quite hungry because they may be had a late breakfast, and are anticipating lunch.

You’ll want to serve food that will be filling, and have an appetizer feel to it, even if you plan on serving it as a meal. This way, you’ll cover all of your basis. Some people will only need a few bites of an appy, other’s will eat a full meal.

You can serve charcuterie, have a seafood bar, sushi bar, Greek food, or alluring appetizers like crostini’s for a 2 pm wedding reception.

2 pm Wedding Reception Foods and ideas

Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are made with a variety of meats, cheeses, condiments, and crackers.

Meats are rolled, or made into roses to create a textured look to the charcuterie board.

Soft and hard cheeses can be paired with meats, mustard, pickles, honey, or spreads (jelly’s, jam), layered on top of crostini’s, crackers, or slices of baguette.

You can include extra foods like grapes, arugula, hummus, dried fruits, and nuts for a complete charcuterie board.

2 pm Wedding Reception Food ideas

Seafood Bar

Having a seafood bar at a wedding can either be a raw bar, or a seafood buffet table.

A raw bar is seafood that is cold such as oysters, mussels, scallops, and clams.

You can serve raw oysters with an accompanying cocktail for your weddings guests such as a Bloody Mary or a martini.

If you’re wanting a seafood buffet table, you can serve hot seafood sushi as calamari, prawns, crab, or fish and chip cups.

You can serve dips for your seafood bar such as butter for crab, shrimp cocktail sauce, tartar sauce for fish and chips, and spicy mayo for squid and octopus.

  • prawns
  • squid
  • octopus
  • scallops
  • shrimp
  • oysters
  • crab
  • fish & chip cups

Sushi Bar

Sushi is an easy to serve wedding reception food. Sushi is individually portioned, therefore guests can fill up their own plates with their favorite sushi rolls.

2 pm Wedding Reception Food ideas sushi rolls

You can serve deep fried vegetable or prawn tempura, sushi cones, sashimi, or nigiri sushi for a spread of choices.

You can include vegetable rolls such as avocado or cucumber rolls for your guests.

2 pm Wedding Reception Food ideas sushi

Another option would be to serve deep fried rolls such as a California roll.

For a wedding reception, you’ll also want to serve more elaborate rolls that topped with avocado or mango.

You can also pick a seafood sushi topping for your sushi such as tuna, smoked salmon, tobiko.

Sushi rolls can have a sauces drizzled on top of them for a beautiful finish to a sushi bar such as unagi sauce, spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce, or hot sauce.

Serve you sushi bar with some sake as a treat for your guests.

  • sushi rolls
  • sashimi
  • temaki – sushi cones
  • tempura
  • nigiri sushi
2 pm Wedding Reception Food sushi rolls


Satay is an appetizer food you can serve at an afternoon wedding reception.

Satay skewers are meat that has been barbequed, and then served with an accompanying creamy peanut sauce for dipping.

You can make small chicken skewers that are portioned for a wedding as an appetizer, so it’s not too big for your guests.

  • chicken
  • beef
  • lamb

Greek Food

Greek food includes lighter foods that can be eaten as an appetizer, or as a meal, but isn’t too filling. Therefore Greek food works well for an afternoon, 2 pm wedding reception.

You can serve small pita wraps filled with vegetables, tzatziki sauce, chicken or beef.

If you’re wanting more of an appetizer style, you can serve small portioned Greek salad with pita bread, and few meat skewers for your guests to choose from.

  • pita wraps
  • Greek salad
  • pita bread with tzatziki sauce
  • meat skewers with tzatziki sauce


Crostini appetizers are small pieces of toasted baguette with indulgent toppings.

You can serve crostini’s with a few different toppings so your guests can pick and choose their favorites to try.

Crostini’s can be topped with Havarti, prosciutto, fresh pesto, ricotta, avocado and more to create alluring appetizers for your wedding reception.

  • cheese and prosciutto with arugula and balsamic reduction
  • fresh pesto mixed with diced tomatoes, topped with grated parmesan cheese
  • ricotta, sliced pears or apples, walnuts, drizzled with honey
  • mashed avocado topped with grilled garlic shrimp
  • watermelon bruschetta topped with balsamic reduction
  • goat cheese, apricot preserves, sprinkled with pistachios and mint leaves
  • garlic and dill cream cheese, slices of cucumber and radishes, topped with smoked salmon