Cookies for Funeral Reception

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Funeral receptions have a dessert table for guests to choose from following a meal or small appetizers.

Cookies are one of the desserts included in the dessert table available at a celebration of life.

You can make simple cookies such as sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, or thumbprint cookies to include in your array of desserts.

For more of an upscale reception, you can choose to include tuile cookies, macarons, biscotti, or chocolate covered cookies.

Cookie ideas for Funeral Reception

Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are soft and buttery cookies that can be decorated with buttercream or royal icing on top of them.

You can pipe designs on top of them such as flowers, hearts, or writing to commemorate a loved one.

You can write on top of royal icing using an edible marker , or simply write using icing.

  • “always in our hearts”
  • “forever in our memory”
  • “in loving memory”
sugar cookie ideas for Funeral Reception

Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint cookies are buttery shortbread cookies with the center filled with a sweet jam.

Thumbprint cookies can be filled with strawberry, raspberry, or apricot jam for a sweet finish to a buttery cookie.

Thumbprint cookies are small and simple, yet striking on a dessert table. If you’re having children at the service these will be a favorite for them.

Thumbprint cookies will also be a favorite for seniors, because they were popular when they were children.


Macarons are chewy and melt in your mouth cookies.

Macarons are small cookies filled with buttercream, jam, ganache, custard, or curd.

macaron Cookie ideas for Funeral Reception

Macarons can be filled with fruit flavors, dessert flavors, tea and coffee flavors.

They can be shaped into hearts for a celebration of life to show the love and appreciation of the loved one that has since passed.

macaron cookies for celebration of life

You can decorate them with flowers, hearts, or have special writing on top of them to commemorate a loved one.

macaron cookie ideas for celebration of life

Macarons can displayed as a macaron tower, or simply laid flat on a plate.

macaron shape ideas for celebration of life reception


Biscotti is a dry, crunchy, and hard cookie that is usually flavored with almonds.

Biscotti is a lovely cookie to serve at a celebration of life reception that takes place in the early afternoon since it goes well with tea or coffee.

biscotti Cookies for Funeral Reception


Shortbread is a buttery cookie that you can shape into a heart for a celebration of life reception.

You can shape shortbread cookies simply using a cookie cutter.

Shortbread cookies are simple and small cookies that go well with other desserts for a funeral reception.

Shortbread cookies aren’t too sweet to overwhelm guests, and can be made small enough to be eaten in about 2 bites.

shortbread Cookies for Funeral Reception

Tuile Cookies

Tuile cookies are sweet and crunchy cookies you can shape into cones, logs, or simply flat.

You can dip tuile cookies in chocolate, or leave them how they are.

Tuile cookies can be decorated with chocolate and sprinkles or drizzle them with caramel sauce for a specialty dessert.

Tuile cookies are more of an upscale cookie to serve at a celebration of life reception.

tuile Cookies for celebration of life reception

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are a favorite for many. It can be a familiar cookie on a difficult day.

Chocolate chip cookies are sweet, gooey and chocolatey which can be the little pick me up people need on a trying day.

Chocolate Covered Cookies

Chocolate covered cookies are a specialty cookie you can make for a funeral reception.

Cookies are dipped into a deep bowl of chocolate and then placed on a silicone mold to harden. They can be placed in the fridge for 10 minutes to firm up.

You can decorate chocolate covered cookies with writing in white chocolate to commemorate a loved one.

chocolate covered cookies for funeral reception