Celery Snack Ideas

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Celery is a go to snack food that can be used to make celery “fries”, stuffed celery, or use it for dipping.

Celery can be dipped into more than just ranch! You can use it to dip into hummus, cheese balls, baked brie and more!

Stuffed celery can be filled with cream cheese infused foods like buffalo chicken, everything bagel, and bacon cheddar flavors.

Celery Snack Ideas

Celery Sticks and Dip

Celery sticks can be cut into 2-3 pieces per stock. Each celery stick can be dipped into savory dips likes hummus or a cheese ball for a filling snack in the afternoon.

Baked brie is a versatile snack you can dip celery sticks into.

Brie cheese has the rind cut off of the top of it, and then it can be topped with pesto or sundried tomatoes if desired.

Brie is baked in the oven until it completely melts and is a soft, gooey texture.

After baked brie comes out of the oven, it can be topped with almonds, pecans, fig jam, dried cranberries, honey, basil leaves, bacon bits, or apple pieces to flavor it how you like.

Use your celery sticks to dip it into the melted cheese and flavorful toppings for an easy go to snack.

Celery Snack dipping Ideas

Stuffed Celery

Celery sticks can be cut into 2-3″ pieces, and in the center of the celery is a well that can be filled to create a stuffed celery snack.

Stuffed celery is easily filled with cream cheese that has been infused with savory foods such as buffalo chicken, bacon and cheddar, or everything bagel.

Celery Snack Ideas and recipes

Softened cream cheese spreads easily inside the well of the celery stick.

You can also fill celery sticks with tuna salad or egg salad for a change. It’s a lighter snack than if you were using bread.

easy Celery Snack Ideas

Peanut butter or hazelnut spread can be placed inside stuffed celery and then topped with pretzels, raisins, hazelnuts, almonds, or banana slices.

stuffed Celery Snack Ideas

Celery Fries

Celery fries are cooked celery sticks, and then served with dipping sauce for a warm celery snack.

Oven roasted celery fries are cut into 2-3 pieces, depending on how big you want your “fries” to be.

Avocado oil, oregano, thyme, sea salt, and pepper are mixed in a bowl. Celery stocks are added to the bowl to fully coat the “fries” in oil and herbs.

Arrange the celery on a baking sheet lined with a silicone baking mat.

Bake the celery for 40 minutes until they are tender.

You can dip your celery fries in different types of aioli flavors.

Celery stick Snack recipe Ideas