6 Breakfast Crostini Recipe Ideas

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Breakfast crostini’s can be made with classic breakfast foods including eggs, avocado and bacon.

Not only that, you can make breakfast crostini’s with apples and cheddar cheese, smoked salmon with herbed cream cheese, and lemon with ricotta cheese.

Create your own breakfast crostini’s right at home with these inspirational recipe ideas!

Breakfast Crostini's with recipe ideas

Bacon and Egg Crostini with Roasted Garlic Aioli and Avocado

Egg crostini’s are a fancy egg appetizer you can make by layering a couple of savory ingredients.

Make your own fresh crostini’s by slicing a baguette, brushing a little olive oil on them, and broiling them for 2 minutes.

After they come out of the oven, spread a layer of roasted garlic aioli over the crostini.

Hard boil your eggs, and cut them into slices. Place a slice on top of the roasted garlic aioli.

Add crispy bacon bits to the top of the crostini, and a few pieces of chopped up avocado.

Serve immediately.

Breakfast Crostini Recipe ideas

Ricotta Egg Crostini

Ricotta egg crostini’s are a savory egg bruschetta you can make by soft boiling eggs.

Assemble the bruschetta by mixing together chopped cherry tomatoes, strips of basil leaves, and olive oil.

Toast the crostini’s, and spread a layer of ricotta on top.

Spoon the bruschetta mixture over top of the ricotta.

Cut the egg into slices, and place on top of the crostini’s.

Breakfast Crostini Recipes

Pico De Gallo Egg Crostini

Pico de gallo egg crostini is a layered breakfast crostini.

Ciabatta bread is sliced and brushed with olive oil. The bread is baked in the oven to toast them into crostini’s.

Scrambled eggs are cooked together with butter and melted cheddar cheese.

Meanwhile, bacon is cooked until it’s crispy and crunchy.

Assemble the breakfast crostini by placing a layer of eggs, a layer of bacon, and a spoonful of pico de gallo on top.

Breakfast Crostini ideas

Smoked Salmon Crostini

Smoked salmon crostini is a cream cheese crostini with fresh smoked salmon folded on top.

Fresh slices of baguette are toasted in the oven until they have crisped up to make crostini’s.

Cream cheese is mixed together with goat cheese, minced garlic, and fresh dill for an herbed cream cheese layer for the crostini.

Slices of radishes and cucumber are placed on top of the herbed cream cheese layer.

Finish off the breakfast crostini by folding a piece of smoked salmon on top, and garnish with more fresh dill and black pepper.

Lemon Basil Ricotta Crostini

Lemon basil ricotta crostini has a refreshing citrusy flavor to it.

Ricotta is mixed together with lemon zest, black pepper, and salt for a rich base to the crostini.

Freshly made crostini’s are baked in the oven, and layered with the ricotta mixture.

Add a couple of strips of fresh basil leaves to the tops of the crostini’s.

Drizzle olive oil on top and enjoy!

Apple Cheddar Crostini

Apple cheddar crostini’s are served on pumpernickel crostini’s, making it a little bit of a darker crostini.

Apples are chopped up and cooked in a saucepan along with cinnamon, butter, sugar and lemon juice until the apples are fork tender.

Pumpernickel bread is sliced and toasted in the oven for a couple of minutes.

To assemble the crostini, place a slice of cheddar cheese on the toast, and then add a spoonful of the apple mixture.

Garnish with a couple of flakes of sea salt.

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