4 Vegetable Mousse Flavor Ideas

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Vegetable mousse is a refreshing way to serve vegetables.

You can serve vegetable mousse in a glass with a few different layers.

You can put crayfish, shrimp, or small pieces of the vegetable on top of the mousse to give it a couple layers.

Another option would be to serve vegetable mousse with bread or crackers as a dipping sauce.

Vegetable mousse is quite thick, so you can pipe it on top of crackers for a finger food appetizer.

Cucumber Mousse

Cucumber mousse is a vegetable mousse that can be served on top of crackers and topped with a Cajun spiced shrimp for an eye catching appetizer.

Cucumber mousse is made by blending cucumbers until smooth using a food processor. Cream cheese is added to the food processor, along with sour cream to make it more of a mousse consistency.

Gelatin is bloomed using sugar, and white wine vinegar. The gelatin is added to the food processor and blended again until smooth.

Dill, celery salt, and pepper are used to season the mousse.

The mousse can be piped until a mini muffin tin for the perfect amount of mousse on top of a cracker.

The muffin tin is placed into the fridge until firm, and then you can place it on a cracker. Top with a shrimp and a little dill weed for a tasty appetizer.

Vegetable Mousse Flavor Ideas

Carrot Mousse

Carrot mousse is made by cooking carrots until they are fork tender. The carrots are blended in a food processor along with cream cheese to create the mousse base.

Heavy cream, pepper, and cumin are blended until the carrot and cream cheese base to create this vegetable mousse.

Carrot mousse can be piped into ramekins and topped with a few sesame seeds.

Serve carrot mousse with parmesan chips on the side, or you can use the carrot mousse as a dipping sauce.

Broccoli Mousse

Broccoli mousse is made by boiling the broccoli under fork tender.

The broccoli is cooled to room temperature, and then is blended with olive oil until smooth. You can use broccoli mousse on top of crackers, or as a dipping sauce with pita chips.

Asparagus Mousse

Asparagus mousse is made by blending canned asparagus with mascarpone cheese. The vegetable mousse is seasoned with some salt and pepper, and then is placed in a “verrine” or glass.

You can place a couple crayfish on top for an enticing, textured appetizer.