Best Tomatoes for Pizza Sauce

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San Marzano tomatoes are the best tomatoes for making pizza sauce because of their sweet and rich flavor.

San Marzano tomatoes pizza sauce is a thick and lush pizza sauce with a sweet finish that you can use for pizza, pizza pretzels, or as a breadstick dipping sauce.

San Marzano pizza sauce recipe

San Marzano Tomatoes for Pizza Sauce

San Marzano tomatoes are less acidic than Roma tomatoes, and have a more powerful flavor.

San Marzano pizza sauce is a little on the sweeter side.

If you were to make pizza sauce with Plum or Roma tomatoes, you would have to add more sugar or add butter to the pizza sauce to balance out the acidity.

San Marzano tomatoes were first grown in volcanic soil from the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius close to Naples in Italy.

San Marzano tomatoes have very thick walls, thick fleshy inside, and very few seeds. Therefore, when the tomatoes are broken down to make pizza sauce, it creates a paste like consistency.

This makes San Marzano pizza sauce extra thick and creamy.

Best Tomatoes for Pizza Sauce

Breaking Down San Marzano Tomatoes

There are 2 ways you can break down San Marzano tomatoes for pizza sauce.


You can use your hands to break apart your tomatoes for pizza sauce. It will feel slimly and wet! But you need to break down the tomatoes in order for you not to have a chunky sauce.

best tomatoes for pizza sauce san marzano

Pastry Blender

A pastry blender will easily cut tomatoes into small pieces while keeping your hands clean!

Press the pastry blender into the tomatoes and cut them into bite sized pieces. Then you’ll be ready to make your pizza sauce.

what Tomatoes to use for Pizza Sauce

Draining San Marzano Tomatoes

You should drain off tomato juices of San Marzano tomatoes when you’re making pizza sauce.

Draining off the juices will make the pizza sauce have a thicker consistency, and you can always add the juice drippings if the pizza sauce is too thick for your liking.

draining san marzano Tomatoes for Pizza Sauce

You have more control over the pizza sauce consistency by draining the San Marzano tomatoes.

To drain your tomatoes, place a strainer on top of a glass bowl. Add your tomatoes into the strainer and let them sit for about 20 minutes prior to making your pizza sauce.

Should you drain San Marzano tomatoes