6 Taco Coleslaw Recipe Ideas

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Tacos are favorite family dinner that can be paired with taco coleslaws cilantro lime coleslaw, avocado crema coleslaw, or honey mustard coleslaw depending on the taco meat or vegetables you choose.

Taco coleslaws are made by adding a sauce to a coleslaw base.

Coleslaw bases can be made with a combination of red cabbage, green cabbage and carrots. You can also add cilantro leaves to your coleslaw mix as well if you like.

Cilantro Lime Coleslaw

Cilantro lime coleslaw is a tangy, vinegar based taco coleslaw.

Fresh lime juice, rice vinegar, olive oil, and salt are mixed together to create the sauce for the coleslaw.

In a separate bowl, mix together shredded carrots, green cabbage, purple cabbage, and cilantro leaves.

Add lime vinegar sauce over the coleslaw mixture and mix to coat the coleslaw.

Cilantro lime coleslaw works well with shrimp tacos, beef tacos, and cauliflower tacos.

lime cilantro Taco Coleslaw

Cilantro Lime Crema Coleslaw

Cilantro lime crema is a thick lime sauce coleslaw you can use with chicken tacos, or fish tacos.

Sour cream, mayo, cilantro leaves, lime zest, lime juice, minced garlic, and salt are blended in a food processor until the sauce is thick and smooth.

In a separate bowl, mix together shredded carrots, green cabbage, and purple cabbage.

Pour cilantro lime crema sauce over coleslaw, and mix together until the coleslaw is fully coated.

crema Taco Coleslaw

Avocado Crema Coleslaw

Avocado crema coleslaw is a coleslaw coated in avocado sauce made with yogurt.

Avocado crema coleslaw is made by first making an avocado crema, which is then used to coat the coleslaw.

Thick plain yogurt mixed with avocado makes the sauce creamy and full bodied. It has a strong lime flavor to the avocado crema that finishes the sauce off well.

Avocado crema sauce is made by combining plain yogurt, avocado, cilantro leaves, minced garlic, fresh lime juice, olive oil, and a little salt in a food processor. To keep the sauce full and thick, the mixture is only “pulsed” in the food processor until it combines.

Coleslaw is made with shredded red cabbage, green cabbage, and carrots.

Mix avocado crema with coleslaw for a creamy avocado taco coleslaw. You can use it on top of shrimp tacos, cauliflower tacos, pulled pork tacos, chicken tacos, and fish tacos.

avocado Taco Coleslaw

Creamy Mexican Coleslaw

Creamy Mexican coleslaw is a thick sauce made with a sour cream base with a hint of cumin flavor.

A bag of coleslaw mix (shredded red cabbage, green cabbage, and carrots) are combined with sliced green onions and chopped cilantro leaves for the base of the taco coleslaw.

In a separate bowl, mayo and sour cream are mixed together along with fresh lime juice, cumin, cayenne pepper and salt and pepper.

Add the spicy lime sauce to the coleslaw mixture to coat the cabbage.

Your creamy Mexican coleslaw can be used over steak tacos and chicken tacos.

Honey Mustard Coleslaw

Honey mustard coleslaw is best served over barbeque pork tacos.

To make the honey mustard sauce for the coleslaw, mix together Dijon mustard, mayo, honey, milk, and salt and pepper.

Drizzle sauce over a coleslaw mix. You can find coleslaws mixes near your produce section. Coleslaw mixes include red cabbage, green cabbage and carrots.

Honey mustard coleslaw goes well over a BBQ sauce marinated meat for tacos like pork or chicken.

Jalapeno Cilantro Coleslaw

Jalapeno cilantro coleslaw is the perfect addition to pulled pork tacos or fish tacos.

In a large bowl, add shredded green cabbage, grated carrots, sliced red onions, diced jalapeno peppers, and cilantro leaves to base of the coleslaw.

In another bowl, whisk together mayo, fresh lime juice, cayenne pepper, honey, and salt and pepper.

Add lime sauce to jalapeno coleslaw to coat the mixture.

Spoon coleslaw over tacos to enjoy!

jalapeno Taco Coleslaw