Jack-O-Lantern Macarons

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Jack-o-lantern macarons are gourmet cookies you can bring to a Halloween party, or a birthday party in October!

Jack-O-Lantern macarons look like pumpkins that have been carved, using a simple edible marker to add facial features to an orange macaron.

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Jack-O-Lantern Macarons

You can use your favorite macaron recipe and bake for the exact time in your recipe to make these special macarons.

You can color your macaron batter by adding 1/4 tsp of orange powdered food coloring, or a little bit of orange gel food coloring on a toothpick.

Jack-O-Lantern Macaron drawing ideas

Once your macaron batter has come together, pipe the batter into 1.5″ or 2″ circles.

Let the macarons dry for 30 minutes.

Bake and fill the macarons with your favorite filling.

You can add eyes, eye brows, a nose, teeth and a mouth using an edible marker.

If you want to make your jack-o-lantern happy, use rounded eyes and a big smile for the mouth.

You can draw a couple of wavy lines over the eyes for eye brows.

Eye lashes can be drawn at the edge of the eyes using a a J shape and making them winged lines. Add about 3 lines for the eye lashes on each eye.

To make a jack-o-lantern angry, the eyes should be angled. This gives the illusion of the pumpkin being upset.

Add jagged teeth into the mouth on the top and the bottom of the mouth.

You can make your jack-o-lantern into whatever facial expression you like!

Jack O Lantern Macaron ideas