Dinosaur Macarons

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Dinosaur macarons are a specialty cookie you can make for a birthday party, or to give out as gifts.

Dinosaur macarons have the image drawn onto the macaron using an edible marker.

White macarons work well for a shadow effect, to make the image striking on the cookie.

Dinosaur Macarons

Dinosaur macarons are made using plain macaron batter.

You can use your favorite macaron recipe and bake for the exact time in your recipe to make these unique macarons.

Macaron batter is piped into 1.5″ or 2″ circles.

Let the macarons dry for 30 minutes.

After the macarons been baked and filled, you can add the markings to the macarons.

Dinosaur Macarons

Markings will be added using a black edible marker.

Begin by making a teardrop shape in the top 1/3rd of the macaron to make the eye shape.

Outline the top of the skull by 2 curved lines for the head and nose of the dinosaur.

Add the curved line to finish off the top black section and color in.

Draw an oval shape for the nose hole about 1 mm from the edge of the nose.

Draw the jaw bone of the top part of the head, and then continuing the along to the jagged teeth.

Add the 2 dark markings to complete the top part of the head to the jaw bone and back of the head.

Draw the bottom portion of the jaw bone making the dinosaur have an open mouth.

The bottom should be round and full, and then the teeth will be jagged again on the top portion of the jaw.

Fill in the circular part of the macaron to make it a shadowed image.

Let the macarons dry for 30 minutes before storing them.