10 Watermelon Appetizer Ideas

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Ripe watermelon is one of the juiciest fruits in the summer, making for a refreshing appetizer base.

You can use watermelon to make bruschetta, skewers, salsa, or watermelon cups to create alluring appetizers for your next summer party!

Watermelon Appetizers

Watermelon Bruschetta

Watermelon bruschetta has creamy undertones, mixed with refreshing watermelon and sweet balsamic reducion.

Watermelon bruschetta is made by whipping together feta cheese and ricotta cheese.

Baguette slices are toasted and then a layer of the whipped ricotta and feta cheese is spread on top.

Watermelon is cubed into small pieces, and placed on top of the creamy layer.

Add a little freshly chopped chives, basil leaves, and ground pepper to the bruschetta.

Drizzle with balsamic reduction and your watermelon bruschetta is ready to be served.

Watermelon Skewers

Watermelon skewers are simple to make, but have a ton of flavor!

The mint and watermelon mixed together with the tart feta cheese makes these watermelon skewers irresistible!

To make this simple watermelon appetizer, cut watermelon and feta into similar sized cubes or rectangles.

Stack them on top of one another, and then add a large mint leaf on top.

Place a toothpick through the stack, and garnish with a bit of pepper.

You can drizzle balsamic vinegar on top if desired.

watermelon skewer appetizer

Watermelon Cups

Watermelon cups are circular appetizers filled with cucumbers and feta.

The cup portion of the watermelon is made by using a circular cookie cutter (I used a scone cutter since it has a handle on top – made it much easier!).

Cut the watermelon with the circular cookie cutter until you’ve made enough for your appetizer.

Next up, a melon baller is used to scoop the inside of the circle. A melon baller makes the inside a perfect circle, but if you don’t have one you can always use a spoon!

The watermelon cut from the center is diced into small pieces and placed in a bowl.

Cucumber cut into a similar sizing as the watermelon pieces and added to the bowl with the watermelon. Feta cheese is crumbed into the bowl to make the base of the filling.

A little red wine vinegar, olive oil, and salt and pepper seasons the cucumber and watermelon. Mix them together and then spoon the filling back into the watermelon cups.

Top with a little more crumbled feta and it’s all finished.

Watermelon cups are the perfect addition to a summer BBQ.

Watermelon Salsa

Watermelon salsa is a refreshing fruit based salsa you can serve with your favorite tortilla chips.

Watermelon salsa is made by adding together chopped up watermelon, mango, pineapple, jalapeno, red onions, and red pepper in a large bowl.

To spice the salsa, fresh cilantro leaves are added, along with lime juice, olive oil, paprika, cumin, and salt.

Watermelon salsa is best if served the day it’s made.

Use a slotted spoon to remove the salsa and place it into a fresh bowl for serving.

Watermelon Brie Bites

Watermelon brie bites are a creamy, and refreshing appetizer you can serve on a hot summer’s day as a delicious appetizer.

Balsamic vinegar is cooked together with sugar to make a sugary syrup consistency that you’ll use to drizzle on top of the appetizer. Another option would be to use balsamic reduction.

Assemble the appetizer by placing a rectangular piece of watermelon on the bottom, and then adding a piece of arugula, and a slice of brie cheese on top.

Place a toothpick through the stack, and drizzle with balsamic to garnish.

watermelon appetizers

Margarita Watermelon Jalapeno Bites

Margarita watermelon jalapeno bites have the flavoring of eating a margarita! (Therefore they are adult only!!)

A simple sugar is made, and then a portion of it is cooked with slices of jalapeno peppers.

The rest of the simple sugar is mixed with fresh lime juice, tequila, and orange liquor to create the margarita taste.

The margarita syrup is poured over cubed pieces of watermelon and set to marinade for a couple of hours.

To assemble the appetizer, place a piece of watermelon, and then top with 1 piece of sliced jalapeno. Place a toothpick through the stack.

Crumble cotija cheese over the appetizer and serve immediately.

watermelon appetizer ideas

Fresh Mozzarella and Watermelon Skewers

Fresh mozzarella and watermelon skewers have a citrusy honey lime drizzle on them.

Watermelon is made into balls using a melon baller. Onto each skewer, a piece of watermelon, and a piece of fresh mozzarella is alternated until the entire skewer is full.

Fresh lime juice is mixed with lime zest, salt, and honey for the coating on the skewers.

Drizzle the sauce on top of the skewers, and serve immediately.

Watermelon and Coconut Lime Dip

Watermelon and coconut lime dip is a fruity appetizer with a hint of lime with coconut yogurt dipping sauce.

Watermelon is cut into long pieces, and Tajin seasoning is sprinkled on top. The narrow pieces of watermelon make it easy dipping into the sauce.

The creamy dipping sauce is made by combining coconut yogurt, fresh lime juice, and coconut sugar.

Dip your watermelon pieces into the coconut sauce and enjoy!

Blackberry and Watermelon Skewers

Blackberry and watermelon skewers are simple to make, and have juicy flavoring when you bite into them!

A piece of cubed watermelon is placed on the bottom, and a piece of feta in the middle, and a blackberry on top.

A toothpick is placed through the stack, and it’s ready to be enjoyed!

The salty feta cheese balances out the rich, juicy flavoring of the blackberries, making this appetizer a big hit at parties!

Watermelon Cups with Cranberry Mascarpone

Watermelon cups with cranberry mascarpone is a rich and decadent appetizer.

Watermelon is cut into squares, and then a melon baller is used to scoop out a bit of the middle to create a watermelon cup.

Cranberries are pulsed in a food processor and then are combined with sugar to remove some of their tartness.

Mascarpone cheese is mixed in with the sugary cranberries for the center filling of the watermelon cup.

You can roll the filling into balls, and then place them nicely in the watermelon cup for a fancy looking appetizer.

Garnish with a bit of orange zest and strips of fresh basil leaves.