What to Do with Leftover Caramel Sauce

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You can use up leftover caramel sauce in no time with these sweet treat ideas!!

You can even drizzle a little caramel sauce over your morning coffee for a sweet finish to your freshly brewed espresso.

For more of a lighter dessert, you can dip fresh fruit into warmed up caramel sauce to use up your leftover caramel sauce.

What to Do with Leftover Caramel Sauce

Fruit Dipping Sauce

You can dip a variety of fruit into caramel sauce for a light sweet dessert.

You can warm up the caramel sauce a little, and then mix it well with a spoon.

Arrange an array of citrusy fruits like pineapple pieces, and orange slices for your caramel dipping sauce.

Apples, pears, and bananas work well with caramel sauce as well for a spread of different fruits to dip leftover caramel sauce in.

What to Do with Leftover Caramel Sauce

Macaron Filling

Caramel sauce can be one of most flavorful fillings for macarons. A little goes a long way!!

Only pipe a small amount of caramel sauce in the center of a macaron shell, and then sandwich it together with another macaron shell.

What are Macarons Filled with

Drink Topping

You can drizzle about a tablespoon of caramel sauce on top of hot chocolate, or a latte for a delicious hint of caramel flavor.

Decorating Desserts

Desserts need a little garnishing every now and then.

You can take your desserts to the next level by drizzling a little caramel sauce on top for a beautiful look to finish off your dessert that looks professional and enticing.

You can try making a crisscross design with the caramel, or using it in combination with chocolate sauce for a tasty caramel and chocolate flavored dessert.

Pancakes, waffles, and crepes can be filled with a bit of caramel sauce mixed with sautéed apples, pears, or hazelnut sauce.