7 Halloween Macaron Flavors

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Halloween macarons are the perfect addition to a Halloween party dessert table.

You can make Halloween macarons using different shapes or drawing onto macarons.

Learn how to make Halloween shaped macarons.

Halloween macaron flavors are filled with sweet caramel, liquorice, candy corn, or pumpkin flavors to have you coming back for more!

Halloween Macaron Flavors

Caramel Apple Macarons

Caramel apple macarons are made with an apple flavored outer shell.

Granny smith apples are freeze dried, and then blended in a food processor to get a fine apple flavored powder.

The powder is places into the almond flour base and mixed into the macaron shell. Once the batter has been made and piped, a sprinkle of apple powder is dusted on the tops of the macarons to let them dry into the macaron shells.

The center filling is made with making a caramel sauce. There is an option of making the caramel sauce into a salted caramel sauce if desired.

Pumpkin Macarons

Pumpkin macarons are made with a flavored pumpkin outer shell. The outer shell is flavored with pumpkin spice bakery emulsion.

Pumpkin macarons can be shaped exactly like a pumpkin using a template. Another option would be to color the macarons a vibrant orange and add a couple round lines to each side of the macaron to give it a pumpkin look to it.

The filling of the pumpkin macarons is made with a buttercream flavored with pumpkin puree and cinnamon for the perfect Halloween macaron.

Halloween Macaron Flavor ideas

Cookies and Cream Macarons

Cookies and cream macarons are made by dusting the tops of the macaron shells with cookie crumble.

The buttercream based filling is made by adding vanilla extract, crushed Oreo cookies, and Oreo cookie crumble.

The mixture is blended until smooth and piped into the macaron shells.

Halloween Macaron Flavors

Black Praline Macarons

Black Praline Macarons are made by adding chopped cacao nibs and small pieces of hazelnuts to the tops of the macarons right after piping them.

The filling is made by making a hazelnut praline buttercream frosting. Praline is a nutty, earthy flavor that is one of the most flavorful nut macarons you can make.

Dark Chocolate Ganache Macarons

Dark chocolate ganache macarons are rich and full of chocolate creamy flavors.

Dark chocolate ganache is made by adding hot heavy cream to dark chocolate melting wafers. Once the chocolate is fully mixed into the heavy cream, a little bit of butter is added to the ganache. The butter adds a smooth, velvety flavor to the ganache.

The ganache needs to cool prior to using. If you make it before baking your macaron shells, this will give it some time in the fridge to harden up and be ready to pipe into your macaron shells.

Candy Corn Macarons

Candy corn macarons are made by making orange colored macaron shells.

The filling of the macarons is a candy corn white chocolate filling.

The ganache is made heating together cream, white chocolate and candy corns. Mix them together thoroughly and let it come to room temperature.

Pipe the filling in the center of the macarons and enjoy!

You can even roll the macarons in a few orange sprinkles, and the filling with adhere to the sprinkles, making them have a little bit of a fringe to them.

Halloween Macaron Flavor recipes

Black Liquorice Macarons

Black liquorice macarons are made by adding black gel food coloring to the macaron shells.

The filling of the macarons is a black liquorice ganache.

The ganache is made by heating heavy cream, and adding a couple of drops of black liquorice flavoring to the pot.

Honey is added to sweeten the cream, and then the mixture is poured over melted white chocolate.

Once the ganache is mixed until combined, a little more whip cream is added to thin out the ganache.

The ganache can sit until it reaches room temperature, and can be refrigerated until it’s ready to pipe onto the macaron shells.

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