How to Eat Celery

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Celery is a crunchy vegetable you can use in soups, salads, stir fry’s, or for stuffing and dipping.

Celery sticks have a curved well inside them, so you can easily fill it with avocado, peanut butter, or buffalo chicken cream cheese for an easy snack.

Celery has a strong structure to it so you can also use it for dipping into almond butter, cucumber and dill dip, hummus, or a cheese ball.

How to Eat Celery


Celery sticks are prepared by removing one stock from the bunch of celery.

The white part on the bottom of the stock is cut off, as well as the top of the stock so there is only the green curved portion of celery left.

Celery stocks can be cut into 2-3 pieces, and then you can prepare the filling.

How to Eat Celery with cream cheese

Softened cream cheese works well for spreading inside celery sticks.

You can infuse cream cheese with herbs and spices to create savory appetizers or snacks.

How to Eat stuffed Celery

You can make stuffed celery sticks with tuna salad, pimento cheese, mashed avocado, hummus, or egg salad for a quick lunch, with a crunchy finish.

How to Eat stuffed Celery recipes


Celery works well for dipping into savory appetizers like garlic blue cheese dip, bruschetta baked brie, or cucumber and dill dip.

Celery sticks can be prepared to be about 2-3″ long for appetizers, or a simple snack.

sweet Stuffed Celery Filling

One of the most renowned dipping sauces for celery is ranch dipping sauce. It’s creamy and tangy base makes it irresistible for dipping celery into.

what to dip with celery sticks

Pasta Salad

If you’re preparing a pasta salad, celery can be sliced thinly or diced, and then added into pasta salad.

Celery adds a sweet flavor, crunchy texture, and a pop of color to pasta salad.

Celery goes well with pasta salads that include grapes, or nuts.


Celery plays a critical role in soup.

Celery adds a sweet, pungent flavor to soup broth. You can cook whole celery stocks in soup broth to make a flavorful, savory broth for the base of soup such as turkey soup.

Typically celery is also cooked along with carrots to make the soup broth have a full body of flavor.

Diced celery is also added to soups for a little bit of softened texture as it cooks into the soup.

How to Eat Celery in soup

Stir Fry

Celery is typically added to stir fry’s to add a crispy texture along with other vegetables such as peppers, or carrots.

Celery can be cut on a diagonal, to create large pieces for stir fry.

Celery is full of water, therefore it barely takes any time at all to cook celery in a stir fry.

It will typically be added at the end of cooking stir fry so it’s not overdone.

Celery pairs well with soy sauce or fish sauce in stir fry’s.

How to Eat Celery in stir fry's


Diced celery can be added to salads for an added crunch and mild flavor in salads.

Celery goes well with red onions, apples, nuts, and carrots in salad.

It’s best to add celery in salads with a creamy salad dressing, and not with vinegar salad dressing.

How to Eat Celery in salads