How to Display Macarons at a Party

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Macarons are one of the most alluring cookies you can have at a party dessert table.

If you have themed, embellished macarons with intricate designs on your macarons, you’ll want them lying flat for your display.

You can display macarons on vertical or horizonal 3 tier displays, macaron towers, wooden boards, or on crisp white plates to have their brilliant colors entice your party guests.

How to Display Macarons at a Party ideas

3 Tier Display

Displaying macarons on a 3 tier display can be either vertical or horizonal plating.

Vertical 3 tier display is more like a high tea style of macaron display.

The largest plate is on the bottom, and the smallest plate is on top.

Vertical 3 tier displays look eye catching, even from far away! They entice your guests to come take a look at all of the goodies displayed.

Macarons can be placed flat, or you can maneuver them to sit on their side, next to one another.

For a macaron display where the macarons have special designs on one side of them, the macarons can be laid flat so everyone can see the themed macarons.

How to Display Macarons at a Party with a 3 tier display

3 tier porcelain platter is a horizontal style display for macarons.

A horizontal style sits much lower to the table, therefore it doesn’t cover nearly as much depth as a vertical 3 tier.

It needs a lot more space on a dessert table as well, something to keep in mind if you’re short on table space.

3 tier party display for macarons

Macaron Tower

Macaron tower displays are one of the most popular dessert table displays!

Macaron towers can have macarons flat or sideways.

Depending on how many macarons you have, if you put them on their side you can fit a lot more on the display than by lying them flat.

Macaron towers can be adjustable. You can either have 2 layers of macarons to display, or even up to 10 tiers of macarons in one display.

If you’re displaying macarons for a large wedding with over a 100 guests, this could be the way to go if you’re wanting to display up to 250 macarons.

How to Display Macarons at a Party with a macaron tower


Macarons are easily plated on crisp white plates to have their pop of color be eye catching to guests.

Macarons need to be lying flat to be plated, since their isn’t anything to hold them together if you put them on their sides.

Besides, decorated macarons need to be flat with all of their beautiful embellishments!

How to Display Macarons plated at a Party

Wooden Board

Wooden display boards are a simple way to display macarons. You can use a fancy cutting board, or a wooden board display if you want something a bit more fancy.

Wooden board displays make macarons look vibrant and enticing with their stunning pastel colors.

Wooden board macaron displays typically have macarons lying flat, because their isn’t anything to hold them vertically.

How to Display Macarons at a Party with a wooden board