How to Make Easter Macarons

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Easter macarons are vibrant and beautifully colored. You can make shapes with your Easter macarons including bunnies, Easter eggs, and carrots.

You can also decorate your macarons to look like a bird’s nest, or robin’s egg using some food coloring, icing, and a couple of chocolate eggs.

Use your favorite macaron recipe and bake for the exact time in your recipe to make these enticing Easter macarons.

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how to make easter Macarons

Bunny Macarons

Bunny macarons are made with plain macaron batter. You don’t need any food coloring added to the macaron batter if you’re making a white colored bunny.

To pipe your bunny macarons, begin by piping a small circle ~ 1″ in diameter.

Pipe one ear off to the side of the circle on the top. You’ll want to drag the macaron batter upward, and then let the batter drip back on to itself to create one ear. Repeat on the other ear.

Use a toothpick to guide both of the ears of the bunny into a point.

Let the macarons dry for 30 minutes.

How to Make Easter Macarons

Bake your bunny macarons for the exact same time it says in the recipe you’re using, and let them cool. Fill your macarons.

Add eyes and eyelashes with an edible marker. Draw 2 wavy lines to create the eyes, then add small lines outwards to create the eye lashes.

Add 2 “U” shaped lines to create the mouth.

Add 2 whiskers on each side of the bunny face.

Use pink powdered food coloring and a little almond extract together to make a paint. Paint the pink color on the inside of the ears of the bunny, and a triangle or round nose using a food safe paint brush.

Carrot Macarons

Carrot macarons are made by coloring your macaron batter with 1/4 tsp of orange powdered food coloring, or a little bit of orange gel food coloring on a toothpick.

To pipe your carrot macarons, begin by piping in a line, and then drag the batter back on to itself.

Guide the end of the carrot into a point by using a toothpick. Push the batter into a point to give it a sharp end.

Next you’ll want to have a very small end on your piping bag.

You might need to move the batter into a new piping bag with a small tip on the end. Your initial carrot macrons you’ve piped should sit for about 15 minutes, then you can start the detail work on them.

Go back to your carrot macarons and pipe a curved line starting at the thick end of the carrot. Pipe curved lines all the way down the carrot.

Let your macarons dry for 15 minutes.

Bake your macarons, and fill them.

Use green powdered food coloring and a little almond extract together to make a paint. Paint the green color on the top of the carrot using a food safe paint brush. You can make a triangle shape a couple of times to create the green part of the carrot.

Easter Egg Macarons

Easter egg macarons can be shaped piped into an oval to look like an egg. You can also just make them into a regular circle if desired.

To decorate Easter egg macarons, you can make royal icing for some fine detail work. Royal icing will dry hard, and you can use piping tips to create small lines on your Easter egg macarons.

Another option is to decorate your Easter egg macarons with an edible marker, and draw lines on the cookies.

To make your Easter egg macarons full of color, you can make your own paint using powdered food coloring and almond extract.

Paint your Easter egg macarons using a food safe paint brush.

Criss-crosses, circular lines, triangles, circles, all look beautiful to make your Easter egg cookies.

Nest Macarons

Nest macarons are made by making royal icing, and coloring the icing brown.

Using a large star tip, pipe the icing in a round circle to make the nest on top of the macaron.

Place 3 colored chocolate eggs into the nest, and they will dry into the nest so they will stay put.

Let the nest dry for at least an hour before storing your nest macarons.

Robin Egg Macarons

Robin egg macarons are made using a sky blue color to make your macaron shells the perfect robin egg color. You don’t want it to be too colored, just a hint of blue is ideal.

After the shells have come out of the oven and cooled, mix together brown food coloring and vanilla extract.

Create the “speckled” robin egg by using dipping a food safe paint brush into the vanilla extract/food coloring mixture and flicking it onto the cooled macaron shells.

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