Snowflake Macarons

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Snowflake macarons are glittery cookies you can enjoy during the holidays. They make for a gourmet addition to a tin full of Christmas cookies as a gift for family and friends.

If you need some ideas on what to fill your snowflake macarons with, check out these Christmas macaron flavor ideas.

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Snowflake macarons

You can use your favorite macaron recipe and bake for the exact time in your recipe to make these sparkling snowflake macarons.

You can color your macarons blue, or leave them as plain white.

how to make Snowflake macarons

Place Silpat mat or parchment paper onto an aluminum baking pan.

Pipe macarons as normal using a 1/2″ tip, in a circle ~ 1.5-2″ wide.

Let macarons dry for 30 minutes.

Bake your macarons for the same amount of time in your recipe.

Let the shells cool to room temperature – about 20 min.

Fill Santa body macarons with filling, and sandwich them together.

Dust a small bit of gold powdered food coloring onto a plate. Add a couple of drops of almond extract on top of the powdered food coloring. Use a food safe paint brush to mix them together to create your paint.

Using a pointed tipped food safe paint brush, draw a line across the macaron. Then draw a line perpendicular to the line you just drew so it should look like a cross.

Add a small “v” at the edge of one of the lines. Continue making V shapes along all of the lines until you’ll filled your macaron to the edges with your glittering gold snowflake.

Snowflake macarons

Let the snowflake macarons dry for 30 minutes prior to storing in the fridge or freezer.