9 Types of Alfredo Sauce

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Alfredo sauce is a velvety, buttery sauce for pasta that you can even dip garlic bread in.

Alfredo sauce is made of a combination of using heavy cream and Parmesan cheese which gives it a rich flavor.

You can add roasted red peppers, habanero peppers, pumpkin puree, sundried tomatoes, pesto or mushrooms to add a little spice to alfredo sauce.

Try making one of these delicious, appetizing alfredo sauces for your next fettucine pasta dinner party.

types of alfredo sauce


Spicy alfredo sauce has a red pepper base, and it uses a habanero pepper to add a ton of spice to alfredo sauce.

In a food processor, red pepper, fresh tomato, an onion, and a habanero is blended together until they are quite fine pieces. This creates the base flavoring for your alfredo sauce.

Diced onions and minced garlic are cooked in a saucepan to begin making the alfredo sauce.

The pepper blended added to the onions along with heavy cream to create the spicy alfredo sauce.

Thicken the spicy alfredo by adding freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Types of Alfredo Sauce


Pumpkin alfredo sauce is a creamy, fall flavored alfredo sauce.

Sage leaves are infused into melted butter in a saucepan over medium heat. A little bit of minced garlic creates a buttery, herb flavor as the base of the alfredo sauce.

Heavy cream, pumpkin puree, and nutmeg are added to the saucepan for the rich flavoring of alfredo.

Parmesan and Romano cheese are added at the end to thicken the fall flavored alfredo sauce.

Sundried Tomato

Sundried tomato alfredo sauce is is a rich, tart, tomato flavored alfredo sauce.

Sundried tomatoes are blended with chicken broth to release the flavor of the sundried tomatoes for your alfredo sauce.

Heavy cream is heated in a saucepan, and the blended sundried tomatoes are added to the cream to create the base of the alfredo sauce.

Garlic salt, nutmeg, and pepper are added to add some depth to the sauce flavoring.

Freshly grated Parmesan cheese is added near the end of finishing off the sauce to thicken it.

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Pesto alfredo sauce is an earthy, vibrant green colored pasta.

Pesto alfredo sauce is made by first making a roux with butter and flour.

Heavy cream and milk are added to make the base of the sauce.

Parmesan cheese and pesto are added at the end to enhance the flavoring of the alfredo sauce, making it taste creamy with a hint of herb taste.


Zucchini alfredo sauce is made by cooking diced zucchini with onions, garlic, and red pepper flakes.

Once zucchini is cooked through, it’s blended in a food processor with heavy cream. The zucchini releases it’s earthy flavor, and then it’s returned to the saucepan to thicken with Parmesan cheese.

A splash of lemon juice is added at the end to finish off the alfredo sauce.


Mushroom alfredo sauce is a buttery, luscious alfredo sauce.

Mushroom alfredo sauce is made by sautéing mushrooms with olive oil until they tender. The mushrooms are set aside until they are added back in at the end.

To make the alfredo sauce, butter and flour are mixed together in a saucepan to make a roux.

Chicken broth, heavy cream, Parmesan cheese, and garlic powder are added to the roux to make the creamy sauce.

Add the mushrooms into the alfredo sauce, and a little spinach if desired.

Spinach adds a pop of color to this rich and creamy alfredo sauce.


Spinach alfredo sauce is an earthy flavored alfredo sauce that uses cream cheese instead of heavy cream.

Spinach alfredo sauce is made by cooking butter and minced garlic together to release the aromas of the garlic as the base of the alfredo sauce.

Milk, cream cheese, and Parmesan cheese are added to the buttery garlic base to make the creamy alfredo sauce.

Spinach alfredo sauce is seasoned with fresh ground black pepper adding a depth of flavor.

Once the sauce has thickened up, fresh spinach leaves are added to the sauce and left to wilt and release their flavors into the sauce.

Roasted Red Pepper

Roasted red pepper alfredo sauce is extra creamy, because it has both goat cheese and Parmesan cheese in this savory alfredo sauce.

Roasted red pepper alfredo sauce is made with a base of olive oil, minced garlic and onions together in a frying pan on medium heat.

Heavy cream, Parmesan, and goat cheese are added to the frying pan to create this creamy alfredo sauce.

At the end of the sauce thickening, add roasted red pepper, and blend until it’s a smooth, rich alfredo sauce.

Garnish with grated Parmesan cheese.

Types of Alfredo Sauce


Cajun alfredo sauce is a spicy alfredo sauce you can make and add your favorite Italian sausage, chicken, or shrimp to it for flavorful pasta dinner.

Cajun alfredo sauce is made by creating your own Cajun seasoning, including smoked madrona salt, pink Himalayan salt, Italian seasoning, garlic, and cayenne.

Cajun alfredo sauce has a base of butter and whipping cream that is simmered in a saucepan over medium heat.

The freshly made Cajun seasoning is added to infuse the spicy flavoring into the alfredo sauce.

Parmesan cheese is added to thicken up the sauce, and then it’s ready to serve this rich, spicy alfredo sauce.

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