Frosting Flavors for Chocolate Cupcakes

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Chocolate cupcakes melt in your mouse with their crumbly texture and heavenly chocolate flavor.

Chocolate cupcakes can be frosted with enhancing flavors like chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate cupcakes can also be frosted with complimentary flavors like cream cheese frosting, raspberry buttercream, or coffee buttercream.

Cream Cheese Frosting

Cream cheese frosting is one of the most popular flavors for frosting chocolate cupcakes.

It’s not as sweet as buttercream, and has the memorable cream cheese and vanilla flavor, which balances out the chocolatey cupcake.

Cream cheese frosting needs to have the right consistency to be piped into shapes using a piping tip. Therefore I recommend using this recipe for cupcakes.

It’s a thick icing and it pipes well on top of cupcakes. You can also color it using gel food coloring or liquid food coloring.

Frosting Flavors for Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate Buttercream

Chocolate buttercream is a creamy, chocolatey frosting for chocolate cupcakes.

It’s an overwhelming chocolate flavor when you combined both chocolate cupcakes and chocolate frosting.

Chocolate buttercream is made by creaming butter, heavy cream, vanilla extract, salt, and cocoa powder together. The icing is sweetened using icing sugar.

Once the frosting is made, it will be very thick! You can thin it out a little with a bit more heavy cream if needed.

Put a couple sprinkles on top of your freshly frosted chocolate cupcakes for a little pop of color.

Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Vanilla buttercream frosting is a complimentary flavored icing for chocolate cupcakes. It tones down the chocolate flavor, leaving you with an aromatic vanilla flavor.

Vanilla buttercream is a rich and creamy frosting that is flavored with vanilla extract.

It’s a stiff icing, therefore it pipes well on top of of cupcakes for those beautiful rose icing designs.

Vanilla buttercream is made with heavy cream instead of milk to thin it out, therefore it has more of a buttery, velvety flavor.

You can easily color vanilla buttercream frosting using gel food coloring, or liquid food coloring for your themed cupcakes.

Frosting Flavors for Chocolate Cupcakes

Coffee Buttercream Frosting

Coffee buttercream frosting is an incredible flavored icing that goes well with chocolate cupcakes.

Coffee buttercream combined with chocolate cupcakes has a delicious creamy mocha flavor to them.

It’s one of my favorite frostings because it’s FULL of coffee flavor.

It tastes like you’re eating a latte, giving you a little pick-me-up.

Coffee buttercream icing is made by adding instant coffee (I recommend using freshly brewed espresso) to a buttercream icing base.

Raspberry Buttercream

Raspberry buttercream is a succulent frosting for chocolate cupcakes. Raspberry frosting goes particularly well with chocolate cupcakes, making it have burst of fruity flavor.

Raspberry buttercream has a vibrant pink color to it.

To make raspberry buttercream, you’ll be making your own raspberry sauce, and then whipping that with a buttercream based frosting.

Strawberry Buttercream

Strawberry buttercream is one of the most fruity frostings you’ll ever eat!!

To make strawberry buttercream you have to first make strawberry puree. It smells as good as it sounds.

The puree is added to a buttercream base, and it produces a colorful pink frosting for cupcakes.

Strawberry buttercream has a bit of unique look to it, it has tiny pieces of strawberry mixed throughout the icing.

I recommend using the buttercream within 1-2 days, as the flavor fades over time.

White Chocolate Buttercream

White chocolate buttercream is made by adding melted vanilla chocolate to a buttercream base.

White chocolate is a fairly sweet chocolate, but added to buttercream makes it a delicious and creamy frosting that isn’t too sweet.

White chocolate buttercream is a beautiful crisp white frosting for cupcakes, but you can color if desired using gel food coloring.