DIY Halloween Candy Delivery System

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How to make your own Halloween candy delivery system using a bucket and pulley. This is a self serve Halloween candy system where you would refill the bucket as needed. We recommend only filling the bucket as much as you need to, and then refill it. Halloween can be difficult if you’re planning on going touchless this year. Here is one of example of how to deliver candy safely for Halloween in 2020.

What you’ll need to make your own Halloween candy delivery system:

  • rope
  • bucket
  • lights
  • duct tape
  • candy treats
  • decorations

See video here.

self serve halloween candy

Gather your materials.

how to make touchless halloween candy delivery system

Begin by measuring and cutting your rope accordingly. Tie the rope to your bucket so it’s nice and secure.

how to make a self serve halloween treat delivery system

Measure where your decoration will need to be placed on the rope so it will hang just about the handle of the bucket. Tape it with duct tape or another tape that will hold up even in the rain.

halloween candy delivery system for covid

Decorate your bucket with webbing or caution tape.

how to make a touchless halloween candy delivery system

Tape the battery box for your lights to the bottom of the bucket. Make sure you don’t tape the button for the lights.

how to secure lighting to a bucket

Wrap the wired lights around the rope. Once you reach the end of the wire, wrap it the opposite way to secure the end.

Now you’re ready to use your self serve Halloween candy bucket and pulley system! Place your Halloween treats in the bucket, and deliver them to your trick or treaters. Pull the bucket back towards you to refill the bucket.

self serve halloween candy