Where to Buy Cookie Decorating Supplies

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To decorate cookies, you need a few items before you can start. From piping bags, to a cookie scribe tool, we’ve broken down all of the cookie decorating supplies you’ll need to begin decorating cookies with.

Cookie decorating supplies for beginners

Cookie decorating Tips

Decorating cookies involves using a variety of cookie decorating tips to create designs on your cookies. You always want to use a fresh and dry cookie decorating tip. If you use a decorating tip that isn’t quite dry, the water left in the tip can make the icing run off of the cookie. If you were counting on that cookie, this might be very disheartening. It’s best to keep a couple of the same sized tips just in case you need the same tip on the same day for decorating your cookies with. Typically you’ll use Tip #2 for writing, and smaller details, so I would recommend having at least 2 of Tip #2 in your cookie decorating supplies.

how to flood sugar cookies


Couplers allow you to place them in a piping bag, and then screw on your piping tip. This means that you can successfully change your piping tip, and not have to remake a new piping bag of icing. If you’re planning to switch tips with your icing bags, couplers are a necessity.

Icing Bag Ties

Icing bag ties make storing icing much easier. Icing bag ties with close your bag and not allow any air to penetrate the icing. Therefore you can reuse your icing the next day without the icing dry out.

Decorating cookies with Squeeze Bottles

Decorating squeeze bottles are helpful for flooding cookies. Piping icing takes a toll on your arms and fingers with the intricate work it takes to pipe icing. Decorating squeeze bottles let you fill your icing in them, and then you just squeeze the bottle and the icing flows out of the tip with ease. If you’re flooding a bunch of cookies, these squeeze bottles come in very handy. You can also put the closing tip on it and save it for another day.

Decorating cookies with a Cake Writing Tool

A cake writing tool is simply a way to write with icing easily. You can use Tip #2 to write on your cookies as a cake writing tool. There are also other fancier ways to write with icing like a cake decorating pen.

Decorating cookies with a Cookie Decorating Scribe Tool

A cookie decorating scribe tool is used to spread, or move icing with a very fine point. A cookie decorating scribe tool can be used to spread icing into tight corners, make fine details, or pop air bubbles that can form in icing. Since the scribe has a fine point, you can tip the point into icing and then make small dots of icing on your cookies. Cookies with fine details use the cookie scribe tool to make these intricate designs.

Where to Buy Cookie Decorating Supplies

Decorating cookies with Food Coloring

To color your cookies, it’s best to use gel food coloring. You don’t need to use much and the color is extremely vibrant. Gel food coloring will not change the consistency of your icing, unlike liquid food coloring. When you’re trying to make the consistency of your icing for either flooding or fine detail, liquid food coloring will not be helpful. Use gel food coloring and save yourself time.

Decorating cookies with Paint Brushes

To paint food coloring onto your cookies, you’ll need a food safe paint brush. Wilton has a set of different kinds of paint brushes that will cover you for all of your decorating needs. The set includes a fine tip for small details, an angled brush, and wider brushes for painting larger areas. The fine tipped paint brushes work well for painting small details of icing to make the color pop on the cookie.

Decorating cookies with Edible Markers

You can get a few different colored edible markers that work just like a regular marker. The tips on the edible marker are quite sharp so you can do both fine and thicker lines by level of pressure used. Black edible markers are used the most with adding faces, or other fancy designs on the cookies without having to use icing. Sometimes you just need a touch of black for eyes or eyelashes, edible markers work much better for this than using icing.

cookie decorating supplies for beginners

Decorating cookies with Sprinkles

Sprinkles can be added to cookies before the royal icing dries. The sprinkles will adhere to the royal icing, but you need to add them quickly. Sprinkles are an easy way of adding a bit of color to your decorated cookies. There are a few different types of sprinkles you can add, from rectangular shapes, to small or large circles. I find the larger sprinkles are best used for details like snowflakes, ornaments on a Christmas tree, etc. Try placing them with tweezers if you need the large sprinkle in a specific place on your cookie.

decorating cookies with sprinkles

Decorating cookies with Stamps

Stamps can be used to make designs on cookies by adding gel food coloring and almond extract together. Then use the stamp in the color, and gently place the stamp on the cookie. You can use the stamp color on top of royal icing flooded cookies as long as the icing has fully dried. The stamp on the cookie makes them look very professional and usually give more detail than if you were to use icing.

Piping Bags

Piping bags are essential for decorating cookies. You can use anything from reusable silicone piping bags to disposable piping bags. There are a few different sizes of piping bags you can use, but usually for icing you don’t need much in the piping bags, unless you are flooding a ton of cookies. It’s nice to have a variety of piping bags for your cookie decorating supplies for flooding or fine details.