How to Make Pancakes More Fluffy

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To make pancakes more fluffy, use buttermilk instead of milk. It’s more creamy, and will give the pancake a smoother, more fluffy pancake than using milk.

Separate your eggs when preparing the batter. Mix your egg yolks with your buttermilk. Gently mix the batter only until just combined. The batter will still be a little chunky.

Beat the egg whites until soft peaks form. Fold the egg whites into the batter with a rubber spatula.

Separating the eggs and adding the foamy egg whites to your pancake batter will give you a more fluffy and velvety pancake texture.

Do not overmix your pancake batter. Only mix it until it’s fully combined, the pancake batter should still be a little lumpy.

Let your pancake batter rest for about 5-10 minutes before baking them.

After you’ve put the batter in the pan to cook on medium heat, wait until you see bubbles form before you flip the pancake. This indicates the pancake is ready to be flipped.

How to Make Pancakes More Fluffy

What makes pancakes fluffy, baking powder or baking soda

Baking powder is a leavening agent that makes pancakes fluffy. Baking powder works by releasing carbon dioxide gas bubbles into the pancake, which increases the size of the pancake as it bakes. This gives the pancake a fluffy and light texture to it as you bite in.

Why do you add salt to pancakes

Adding salt to pancake batter enhances the flavor of the pancake. Salt enhances sweet recipes and reduces bitter flavors. Salt acts as a preservative for your pancake batter. Your pancake batter will stay good for 2-3 days in the fridge.

Why are my pancakes always flat

Should pancake batter be thick or runny

Pancake batter should be thick as it is poured into the pan to cook. Pancake batter is not as thick as waffle batter, so it will be a little more runny than waffle batter.

What does milk do to pancakes

Milk combines the dry and the wet ingredients together in pancakes. You can always substitute another option for milk such as oat milk, macadamia milk, soy milk, etc.

What makes a good pancake

A good pancake should be risen, fluffy, light, and light-golden brown in color.

What makes a good pancake

Why do pancakes look different on each side

Pancakes look different on each side because of the way they cook. The smooth side is the first side cooking on the pancake.

As the pancake cooks, it releases gas bubbles.

The pancake then cooks the other side with the gas bubbles present. This makes the pancake look different on each side.

It’s best to serve the pancakes with the smooth side up for esthetic purposes.

What can I use instead of milk in pancakes

Instead of using milk in pancakes, you can use buttermilk, soy milk, oat milk, macadamia milk, almond milk, etc.

What side does butter go on pancakes

Butter goes on the top of pancakes and will melt into the pancake since it’s warm. This makes the pancake more moist.

How long should pancakes cook on each side

Pancakes should cook 4-7 minutes on the first side, and only 2 minutes on the other side.

Once the pancakes has bubbles forming on it, you can flip your pancake.

The other side of the pancake doesn’t require as much time because most of the cooking is completed when the bubbles are forming on the first side.

How long should pancakes cook on each side