Best Rolling Pin for Tortillas

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The best rolling pin for tortillas is by Bulut. Bulut creates a extra long wooden rolling pin for rolling foods that need be very thin.

  • 35″ long – can roll large tortillas with ease
  • 3/4″ thickness – narrow thickness – allows for quicker rolling of large items
  • solid wood – will last a lifetime
  • cylindrical – even rolling

Tortillas require their dough to be rolled very thin.

Tortillas that are rolled out using a thin and long rolling pin will take less time to roll out than a regular rolling pin, and give you a thinner dough.

When you hold up the tortilla dough after it has been rolled out, it should be thin enough that you can see through it a bit.

If your tortillas are rolled too thick, they will be more difficult to shape and wrap them when you’re ready to use them for your meals. They can also be too chewy when you bite into them, since they will be much thicker.

If your tortillas are not keeping their shape once you roll them out, the dough may need to rest for 30 min longer before rolling them out again.

Tortillas have quite a lot of gluten, and even though they are not kneaded for very long, the dough can be tough to roll out if it hasn’t rested long enough.

Make sure the tortillas have an even thickness throughout before frying the dough in the frying pan.

When you’re shaping and rolling your tortilla dough, keep in mind that the dough should only be rolled out right before frying. As your tortilla is in the frying pan cooking, roll out your next tortilla. This will prevent the dough from drying out too much.

Tortillas can only be made as big as the pan they are cooking in. Keep this in mind when thinking about how large you want your tortillas to be. You may need a larger pan to cook a big tortilla.

Best Rolling Pin for Tortillas