Cookie Decorating Ideas Easter and Spring

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Spring Cookie Cutters

Here are some decorating ideas for Spring or Easter using Wilton’s Spring Cookie Cutters.

The cookie cutters range in size from 3-3.5″. They are all roughly the same size so the baking time will be the same for all of the cookies.

They are a perfect size for someone who wants a decently sized cookie, and they are big enough for you to decorate.

How to care for your Spring Cookie Cutters

Wilton’s Spring cookie cutters are made of metal, so they will last you if you treat them with care. Metal cookie cutters need to be washed with soap and water with a cloth, and fully dried before putting them away. Metal cookie cutters have the risk of rusting when water is left on them for too long. Leave them out overnight on a towel to fully dry them.

Cookie decorating ideas for Spring:

  • Grey and blue umbrella
  • red/yellow tulip
  • butterfly

How to decorate Easter cookies

  1. Use royal icing to decorate your cookies for Easter so they will dry fully and be stackable.
  2. Flood your cookies and leave overnight to dry.
  3. Come back the next day with your royal icing in different colors and get ready to pipe your designs.
  4. Select your cookie and design – Easter cookies could include: a cross, Easter egg, or a Bunny.
  5. Decorate your Easter cookies using a theme of colors – 3 colors works best. With your white bunny, you can add pink accents in the ears and the nose. Draw the face on with an edible marker or black icing for the eyes and mouth. For the Easter egg, pipe your color contrasting color in zig zags across the egg on either end of the egg. In a separate color, put 2 strips of icing in the middle of the egg.
  6. Add sprinkles to your cookies before the icing dries.
  7. Let your cookies dry overnight.
  8. Store your fully decorated Easter cookies in an airtight container.

Wilton’s Spring cookie cutters include:

  • tulip
  • bunny
  • egg
  • butterfly
  • umbrella