Best Rolling Pin with Thickness Rings

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The best rolling pin with thickness rings is the Geesta Adjustable Rolling Pin.

Geesta Adjustable Rolling Pin
5 sizes of measurement rings (2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 10mm and 13mm)
Extended handle design - ergonomic and easy to use
14" dough maximum width
unlimited dough length
Measure width of dough by using the graduated measures located on the rolling pin.
Rings are dishwasher safe

The Geesta Adjustable Rolling Pin is heavy duty and durable weighing almost 3/4 of a kilogram. You won’t need to use much pressure to roll out your dough, since the rolling pin is already weighted.

The Geesta Adjustable Rolling Pin is a rolling pin with measuring rings that are placed on the handle and then the handle is screwed in to securely fasten the rings on either end of the rolling pin. You can easily roll out your dough to the precise measurement needed for your recipe using their 5 different rolling pin measuring rings in sizes 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 10mm and 13mm.

croissant dough

What are rolling pin rings?

Rolling pin rings are used to roll out dough to specific measurements.

Rolling pin rings are made to sit on either end of the rolling pin, elevating the rolling pin to the exact measurement.

The rolling pin is then used to roll out the dough until it’s the exact measurement, and no further, creating an evenly rolled dough for your recipe.

Rolling pin rings will work best on an even, cylindrical rolling pin.

Do not use them on a French rolling pin that is tapered.

You can also find silicone rolling pin rings that will stretch to fit over your rolling pin.

Boao makes a set of rolling pin thickness rings in 0.4”, 0.2”, 0.08” and 0.04” sizes.

The inside diameter of the rings is 1.6” so be sure to measure the width of your rolling pin to see if they will fit over.

How do rolling pin rings work?

Rolling pin rings work by elevating the rolling pin to an exact measurement.

The rolling pin rolls the dough out to the specific measurement, not any less than the rolling pin ring because the rubber holds the rolling pin up from squishing it any more.

  1. Place your rolling pin rings on either end of your rolling pin.
  2. Put your dough on your floured countertop and roll the dough with it being centered under the rolling pin. 
  3. Roll out the dough until it matches the exact height of your rolling pin. You’ll know it’s ready if it doesn’t seem to be stretching any further as you roll.
  4. Your dough is ready to use!

How do you roll dough evenly?

To roll dough evenly, place your rolling pin rings on either side of your rolling pin. Place your dough on a floured surface and begin rolling out your dough. Roll your dough until it won’t spread any further. Your dough is even throughout because the rolling pin ring holds the rolling pin to the precise measurement of the ring.

You might need to roll your dough out more lengthwise, because the rings will make the width of your dough no more than the length of your rolling pin. Keep this in mind if you’re making a recipe that needs an exact measurement for both width and length.

Rolling pins with measurement rings make it easy to roll out your dough evenly to an exact measurement. Use your measurement rings on your rolling pin when making dough for sugar cookies, pastry crust, shortbread, and gingerbread.

Best Rolling Pin with Thickness Rings

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