Best Pastry Scraper

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The best pastry scraper is the Spring Chef Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper/Bench Scraper.

Best Pastry Scraper
Scrapes dough
Cuts dough
Scrapes dried dough and flour
Scrapes dough easily off of rolling pin
Lifetime Warranty
Measurements on Scraper to cut dough into measured pieces

The Spring Chef pastry scraper is made of stainless steel; it should never need to be replaced.

It has a lifetime warranty; The Spring Chef stands behind what they make. Spring Chef pastry scraper has an easy to use ergonomic handle for you to scrape your kitchen counters clean of debris and grit.

The Spring Chef Pastry Scraper can be used for:

  • lifting pie dough
  • chopping nuts
  • cutting in butter
  • tempering chocolate
  • smoothing frosting on a cake
  • cutting dough for pasta, pizza, buns, pastries to precise measurements
  • transferring chopped vegetables to other bowls and pans
  • removing dried flour and dough easily from countertop
  • removing dough from rolling pin
  • removing cookie dough that has been cut from a cookie cutter from the countertop and transferring to a baking pan
  • scrape flat surfaces with their pastry scraper, and they include a bowl scraper as well for curved surfaces

What is a bench scraper

A bench scraper is a kitchen tool that removes food from your countertop in a scraping motion. A bench scraper has a handle on top to ergonomically scrape the food off of the countertop into the garbage or a green bin. The handle is attached to a rectangular piece of metal which gently scrapes your countertop of food bits, without damaging your countertop. 

Best Pastry Scraper

What do you use a bench scraper for?

A bench scraper is used mainly for people that use flour on their countertop to roll out dough. The flour sticks to the countertop which can make it difficult to remove. A bench scraper easily removes the flour from the countertop. After the majority of the flour has been removed with the bench scraper, a cloth can be used to wipe the countertop clean.

How do you use a food scraper?

A food scraper is used by placing the metal portion onto the countertop at a 45 degree angle and scraping food off of the countertop onto a green bin. This can be helpful if you’re doing a lot of prep work prior to a meal. You can place your excess vegetable cuttings that you won’t be using for your recipe onto your countertop, and then use your scraper to scrape the excess into a green bin. Cleanup is much quicker than placing every bit into the green bin after cutting each vegetable.

You can also use your food scraper to place your vegetables into your pan as you’re preparing them. Push your vegetables onto your metal scraper, holding the scraper horizontally. Then take your scraper to the pan and gently place them into your recipe. 

How do you use a dough scraper?

To use a dough scraper, place the metal onto your countertop at a 45 degree angle. Scrape the dough off of your counter by dragging the metal on your countertop. You don’t need to use force, just gently drag it across your countertop. Scrape the dough off of the countertop into a green bag for easy clean up.

A dough scraper can also be used to cut dough into separate pieces. Using a firm grip on the dough scraper, cut the dough by placing the metal down into the dough until it cuts through the dough. This can be helpful when separating dough for bagels, buns, etc.

How do you use a dough scraper?

Do you need a bench scraper?

People who need a bench scraper are typically those who make a lot of their own foods.

You need a bench scraper if you:

  • Roll out pizza dough
  • Roll out cookie dough and use cookie cutters
  • Make scones
  • Make croissant dough
  • Make bread dough
  • Do a lot of preparation for recipes – chopping and preparing vegetables
Do you need a bench scraper?

A bench scraper makes cleaning up much easier by removing flour from your countertop in just a couple of strokes. This way, you don’t get your cloth dirty immediately when wiping your counters, and make your countertop even more dirty by using a flour soaked cloth. By using a bench scraper first, you can use your cloth right after to only wipe the remnants of flour off of your counter. 

A bench scraper makes it easy to gently place vegetables into your recipe from your cutting board. Instead of taking your whole cutting board over to your pan, you can place your vegetables onto your bench scraper and then place them into your recipe seamlessly.