12 Lavender Spice Recipes

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Lavender is one of the most interesting spices you can use in your at home recipes. Harvest your lavender and dry it out so you can use it for a ton of new recipes!

What does lavender ice cream taste like

Lavender ice cream has floral notes, and tastes neutral, not as sweet as say, vanilla ice cream. It’s a lighter flavor that pairs well with flavors such as earl grey, vanilla or honey.

lavender earl grey vanilla ice cream

3 Vegan lavender recipes

When to harvest French lavender

Harvest French lavender during June and July by cutting the stems right below the flowers. Harvesting French lavender will give you cuttings in about 2-3” long pieces of lavender.

How to deadhead French lavender

Deadhead French lavender 2-3 times throughout the summer months to promote growth of your French lavender plant. Cut the stems right below the flowers after they have bloomed and start to die off. The plant will get more dense by deadheading it. Don’t be afraid of cutting off some of the newly budding lavender. Where you cut the stems of the dead French lavender, this will give you 2-4 more lavender bud nodes. By deadheading your French lavender plant the flower head will fill out more evenly. Cut 2” below foliage level for the best results. You can use shears or pruning cutters to deadhead your French lavender plant.

4 ideas for what to do with dead lavender flowers

You can cut off a few of your dead lavender flowers below the bud to give you a 2-3″ piece of lavender. After you cut the stems, you can use your dead lavender flowers as:

  • potpourri in a bathroom
  • in your clothes drawer to freshen them up
  • a content in making your own deodorant
  • a content in making your own soap

What to do with lavender after it blooms

Harvest and dry your lavender after it blooms. Be sure to store your freshly harvested lavender in an airtight container in a dark room to keep the most flavor possible. You can use your preserved lavender after it blooms all year round for different baking recipes.

lavender spice recipes