5 Top Premium Coffee Machine Brands

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Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. There are a few top premium coffee machine brands that stand above all when it comes to brewing coffee.


La Marzocco

In 1939 La Marzocco was founded in Italy and created their first espresso machine. They patented the very first coffee maker with a horizontal boiler. This is now industry standard today.

Their coffee machines are handcrafted making it an artisan company. They are very proud of this, even after 90 years in business including all of their technology innovations. La Marzocco believes in longevity of their products, they build them to last. 


Rocket Espresso machines are produced in their small factory in Milan, Italy. They have a small team of craftsmen who create one of the finest espresso machines you can purchase. Rocket Espresso focuses on all the little details that go into creating espresso makers, fine tuning them to perfection before they reach the customer.

Nuova Simonelli

Since 1936 Nuova Simonelli has been creating espresso makers that focus on new innovations, reliability, and dependability. They are world renowned as:

  • one of the first ergonomic espresso machines
  • Official world barista championship machine
  • Compasso d’Oro for design innovation


Izzo was founded in 1995 creating both home and commercial espresso coffee machines. They have designed their machines to pull the most ideal shot of espresso. They are built to last, including some of the best components you can put in espresso machines. Izzo has centered their expertise giving you control over the brewing process with mechanical controls. Izzo espresso machines are top of the line.

Rancilio Group

Rancilio Group was founded in 1926 in Italy. Rancilio Group is a leading professional in the coffee machine industry. They focus on products standing out in the market by developing and patenting new cutting edge technologies in their labs. Rancilio group tests each of their espresso machines before sending them out, making sure they’re ready to go the moment you receive your new espresso maker.

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What should you look for when buying an espresso coffee maker?

  • longevity vs cost
  • durability of how often you will be using it
  • semi-automatic vs super-automatic
  • ergonomics
  • space allowance in your kitchen
  • grinder that you will be using if needed (semi-automatic espresso machine)
  • steaming options
  • how much control you want – temperature, dosing, grinding
  • add on accessories – pressure gauge, Proportional-Integral-Derivative (controls boiler heater), steam wand thermometer, steaming pitcher, tamper, etc.

Is buying an espresso machine worth it?

Yes! The time and money you save over the long term is huge. The time you spend driving to go get your coffee everyday and the price is actually a lot more than an espresso maker. Do you the math on how much it is costing you per year, and you’ll find out it’s likely 1 year of coffee out = espresso machine cost.

Buying an espresso machine is one of the most exhilarating experiences. The moment you get it home you’ll be so excited to learn this new skill. It takes time to perfect pulling a delicious shot of espresso. Be patient!

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