Best Milk Pitcher for Latte Art

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The Espro milk steaming pitcher is the best milk pitcher for latte art. 

  • The sharp V shape when pouring the milk lets you go as close to the espresso surface as you possibly can for latte art
  • The V gives you the control to create the designs you want more accurately than a U shape
  • Creates smooth velvety micro foam which is needed to create latte art
  • used in professional latte art competitions

Espro guarantees their milk steaming pitcher will last you for life.

I personally have had mine for over 7 years and I’ve had no issues.

Best Milk Pitcher for Latte Art

Espro has designed their pitcher in a way that the milk swirls around in a perfect circle.

The bottom of the pitcher is raised. This allows the milk to create a vortex when the steam wand is forcing air into the milk. 

There are fill lines on the inside of the pitcher so you can replicate the volume of milk you need every time you make your latte at home.

best milk steaming pitcher

How to use Espro Steaming Pitcher

  1. Put your pitcher in the freezer for a few hours
  2. Pour milk into the pitcher (up to 12 oz.)
  3. Place steam wand straight down into the milk.
  4. Turn on steam wand.
  5. Hold the side of the pitcher. When it’s too hot to touch, it’s done!
  6. Pour milk into espresso by first starting far up from the espresso, as you fill the cup lower the milk pitcher. Start the latter art design tilting the espresso cup towards yourself, and gently with your wrist move it a little to create a wavy design. When the design is long enough, move the milk pitcher up to the top of the design to create a leaf shape.
best milk pitcher for latte art

I’ve had the Espro milk steaming pitcher for about 7 years now.

My husband gave it to me for Christmas after I got my Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine.

I wasn’t very seasoned at making espresso or frothing milk when he got it for me. I basically just wrote off latte art for years.

But after perfecting my espresso game and milk steaming I decided to give latte art another try. I love the latte art I’ve created so far!

milk pitcher for latte art
espro milk pitcher

How to clean a milk steaming pitcher

  • Use soap and water with a cloth and wipe down after each use
  • top rack dishwasher

Where you store a milk frothing pitcher

Store your milk frothing pitcher in the freezer so your milk is very cold when you start steaming milk.

Here are a few tips on milk steaming

Learn from the pros how to make latte art! Once you can make delicious espresso and micro foam, you’ll be well on your way to creating beautiful lattes for all of your friends and family!