Best Cutting Board for Meat

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When choosing a cutting board for preparing meat you want to be sure you can keep it clean and sanitized. It’s best to have a separate cutting board for meat specifically so you can be sure you’re not cross contaminating your fruit, vegetables and baked goods.

Best cutting board for meat

The best cutting board for meat is a bamboo cutting board.


  • Bamboo is a renewable source-grows easily
  • Durable, yet doesn’t ruin your expensive knives
  • Tends to avoid warping and cracking unlike regular wood cutting boards
  • Gently wipe with soap and water for an easy cleanup

Once you’re finished cutting your meat be sure to wash your hands. After you’ve cleaned your cutting board, wash your hands again. 

Then, begin cutting your vegetables for your meal preparation on a separate cutting board. 

How to keep your bamboo cutting board good so it will last a long time?

  • Use mineral oil: acts as a barrier to water and food

How to clean your raw meat cutting board?

  • Clean it immediately after use
  • Use soap and water, but don’t soak the board in water.  This can damage the board by splitting since water is getting in the cutting board. Let it stand to air dry.

How do you sanitize your meat cutting board?

  • Use a bit of vinegar and fresh lemon juice to gently clean
  • Diluted bleach (1/10 dilution with household bleach)

Bacteria are able to get in between the cuts your knife makes on the board. Thankfully they only live a few hours, but this is why you need to use your board only for meat and not for anything else. When the board dries, the bacteria die off as well. 

bamboo cutting board

Plastic cutting boards tend to have grooves/bumps on their surfaces. This makes it difficult to be sure that it’s truly clean before using it again. Plastic can damage your knives over time. When you’re using your knives on a plastic cutting board, this creates groves in the plastic, which become very hard to clean.

Glass is another alternative that you might want to try. You can can your glass cutting board with soap and water and be sure it’s clean. However, glass ruins knives. Glass cutting boards are harder to cut on because their surface is much more slippery and doesn’t grab like wood or bamboo does.  

Bamboo is the best cutting board material for all of your meat cutting needs. It’s eco-friendly by being a renewable source. Bamboo cutting boards are easy to clean and maintain. Keep one bamboo cutting board specifically for cutting raw meat. This way you’ll have no cross contamination issues. Happy Cooking!

bamboo cutting board