Best Low Cost Ice Cream Maker

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I first thought about getting an ice cream maker when I tasted vanilla lavender ice cream. I tried this particular flavour from a local grocery store and I found out it was created in small batches only. This meant that it only comes out about once a year. 

By the time I got to the store to get a second container it was all sold out. I knew that I was going to have to start researching and finding myself my own ice cream maker if I wanted to have specialty ice cream flavours at home. 

One of my good friends who works as a chef at a luxury vacation lodge creates specialty desserts including homemade ice cream. She told me that the simpler the design of the machine, the longer it’s going to last. She had mentioned to me that they have had a few different machines in the past and it seems like the more simpler you go the less likely it’s going to break in the long run. 

She recommended to me the best homemade ice cream maker she has found is the Cuisine Art Pure Indulgence ice cream maker

She has made everything from Ice Cream to frozen yogurt and margaritas

I made the decision to purchase one for myself. We tried out the simple vanilla ice cream for the first batch. It ended up being a lot larger of a batch than I was expecting so we have been eating our way through it. The flavour was delicious, but not quite as rich as the French vanilla. 

For a special treat I baked some mini chocolate chip cookies and put the vanilla ice cream in the centre creating an ice cream sandwich. 

Everyone at work absolutely loved them. I can’t wait to try more flavours. 

When you first get the ice cream maker you have to freeze the bowl it comes with. Wait 24 hours for the bowl to be fully frozen

Make your recipe for your ice cream in a separate bowl.

Place the frozen bowl into the machine, put the paddle into the mixture, and the top on it. 

Turn the machine on and slowly pour your ice cream mixture into the freezer bowl. 

The ice cream mixture will churn the ice cream putting air into the mixture, giving it the right consistency for ice cream. 

Set a timer for 20 to 25 minutes until it’s done mixing. 

Once the ice cream has finished churning put it into an airtight container. 

Freeze for a few hours until it’s fully hardened. 

We usually eat the homemade ice cream the following day when it’s hardened up to our liking. 

vegan espresso ice cream

Wash the freezer bowl and paddle by hand after you’re done for a quick clean-up. 

Cuisine Art pure Indulgence ice cream maker is the best ice cream maker to buy for home use on the market.

  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Ice cream in 20-25 min of churning
  • Able to add extra flavours at the end

Cuisine Art pure Indulgence ice cream maker is the best low cost ice cream maker on the market.

Expenses after purchasing ice cream maker depending on your recipe:

  • Fruit
  • Heavy cream
  • Sugar 
  • Extracts
  • Eggs

Having an ice cream maker gives you more control knowing exactly what it is in your ice cream. You don’t have to guess what each ingredient is when you read it on the side of a carton. You can decide what kind of add on;s to put in your ice cream-nuts, white chocolate shavings, caramel, etc. You have the power to create your own flavor’s of ice cream right at home.